Family Medicine Support Requirements of Care-giving Relatives

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2019.0442-0447

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Julian Wangler, Michael Jansky

Keywords: Caregivers care family physicians identification needs strain support

BackgroundThe support of persons in need of care and assistance is often taken over by caring relatives. This care can be associated with personal gain but is also associated with an increased risk of physical and mental stress. Especially the primary care setting can play a key role in supporting caring relatives. However, it is all the more important to adapt to the needs and expectations of this group. The focus of this paper is to determine primary care needs in comparison to actual care.MethodsIn the course of an online survey, a total of 204 people who are involved in supporting or caring were interviewed (survey period: December 2018 – April 2019). Due to the explorative approach of the study only a descriptive analysis was performed.Results72 % of respondents talk to the family physicians (FP) about their care. The knowledge of the personal care situation (70 %), the responsiveness to various problems (80 %) and the approach to the caregiver (81 %) are assessed positively. Other aspects are judged less positively, for example joint decision-making with caring relatives (48 %), (emotional) support for relatives (21 %), referencing to counseling and support services (6 %) and the timely identification or involvement of carers (43 %).ConclusionsFPs should be encouraged that within the relationship triangle doctor-patient-relative the needs, desires and burdens of caring relatives are a crucial prerequisite for successful care. Therefore, the primary care team should put emphasis on approaching relatives at an early stage, anticipating potential problems through proactive communication and consistently pointing out concrete help and opportunities of care.KeywordsCaregivers; family physicians; identification; strain; needs; care; support

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