Which Research Questions are of Primary Interest to Family Physicians and What are their Priorities?

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Stephanie Poggenburg, Julia Schirgi, Karl Horvath, Alexander Avian, Michael Orso, Andrea Siebenhofer

Keywords: PICO Research questions in primary care family medicine practice relevance priorization

The increasing academization of primary care has led to a rise in the number of family practitioners participating in research projects whose content they have rarely influenced. The consideration of questions that interest FPs could lead to greater acceptance and willingness among FPs to participate in primary care research. This would also enable research questions of relevance to patients in everyday health care to be answered. The present study is a cross-sectional study. All 1015 Styrian FPs were once interviewed by means of a questionnaire from the Institute of General Medicine and Evidence-Based Health Services Research (IAMEV) if they want to participate actively in research projects.Out of 135 answering FPs (return rate 13 %), 66 FPs (6.5 %) announced 133 research ideas. 28 of these ideas were subsequently considered, 17 of which were selected by a panel of experts from the IAMEV for a formulation of a specific research question (feasibility and relevance). Ten of these 17 research questions were concretized by telephone interviews. The FPs graded the questions about the meaningfulness of a gatekeeping system in contrast to the free choice of specialist and the evaluation of a drug vs. a physiotherapeutic treatment for back pain with regard to the reduction of sick days as the most relevant one.ConclusionsFPs are interested both in research questions that concern regulatory measures and their relevance to the health care system, and in the consequences to the welfare system of applying certain therapeutic measures in cases that require frequent consultations. Both questions reflect the awareness among FPs of the overall cost to society of their decisions. The aim of the study was to obtain a prioritized list of research questions that would be of interest to FPs to do research on.Research questions in primary care; practice relevance; PICO; priorization, family medicine

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