Preventive Measures in Chronic, Uncomplicated Diverticular Disease

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Nik Koneczny, Andreas Sönnichsen

QuestionA 64 year old obese woman complains about recurring left-abdominal pain. Physical examination, ultrasound and laboratory findings allow the diagnosis of a chronic, non-complicated diverticulitis. She asks what she can do to ease the symptoms or whether specific drugs could be recommended.AnswerThere is no clear evidence for a useful intervention. As a primary prophylaxis physical activity, normalization of BMI and vegetarian diet rich of fibers are recommended. In secondary prophylaxis of recurring diverticulitis different interventions (such as lifestyle changes, nutrition, fiber supplementation, physical activity or drugs [mesalazine, pobiotics, rifaximin]) can be tried, but reliable evidence from studies is lacking. Nevertheless these interventions can be tried out on an individual base in a primary care setting, especially before surgical interventions are considered.

(State: 19.11.2018)

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