The Physician-Patient Interaction in Family Practice – a Qualitative Study

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2016.0438-0444

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Katja Götz, Jost Steinhäuser, Maria Böttcher

Keywords: Physician-Patient Interaction Family Practitioner Communicative Competence Training MAAS-Global-D

Background: The personal contact between physician and patient and their interaction is an essential aspect in family practice. The evaluation of communication skills could be performed with the MAAS-Global instrument developed in the Netherlands. Aim of this study was to get more information about the relevance of communication in physician-patient contact in family practice compared to the content of the instrument MAAS-Global-D.

Methods: A qualitative study design was chosen. Interviews with family practitioners (n = 13) and focus groups with patients (n = 19) were conducted and analyzed with qualitative content analysis.

Results: The physician-patient interaction followed a specific, individual structure and presented an important component for their relationship. Different interview techniques were used to structure the physician-patient contact. Moreover, it can be assumed that the MAAS-Global manual displayed most of these techniques and appears suitable for use in Germany.

Conclusions: Future research is necessary and should include training about communicative competence as well as development of guidelines for the physician-patient interaction in family practice.

(State: 14.11.2016)

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