The Vaccination „Paradogma“ and Feasible Solutions

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2015.0463-0466

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Stephan Heinrich Nolte

Keywords: Underreporting Vaccination Non-Specific Effects of Vaccination Vaccination Coverage Lack of Research

Summary: It is dogmatically repeated that vaccines in general are one of the most important and effective health investments. Following this paradigm, health systems are compared and judged by vaccination coverage. It is not known, however, if general health is improved by vaccination campaigns for other than the targeted diseases. There are non-specific effects of vaccination which seem to be positive for live attenuated vaccines, but not for inactivated and adjuvanted vaccines for which some studies suggest deleterious effects. Research on the non-specific effects of vaccination on morbidity and mortality in children is scarce. The rule is underreporting of adverse effects, lack of serious follow-up data and missing control groups considered unethical. Independent research could easily be financed through the tax (19 % VAT in Germany) imposed on vaccines.

(State: 18.11.2015)

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