Quality Assurance in Oncology – Certified Networks for Patients

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2014.0464-0468

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Simone Wesselmann, Stefan Benz, Ullrich Graeven

Keywords: Certification Network Oncology Quality Assurance

Summary: Oncological care needs transsectoral, interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration of all disciplines. Thus, a network is built that represents the entire chain of health care for those affected. The certification system of the German Cancer Society ensures that the partners within the network display their quality of care on the basis of guideline based quality indicators. The results of the quality indicators for the own network and in comparison to all the other certified centers is analyzed and discussed among the partners of the centers and the auditors. If necessary, measures for improvement will be developed and the efficacy of this measures will be reviewed during the next year audit. The 900 certified centers are therefore able to improve the quality of their oncological care and the quality of the collaboration and communication within the partners of the network. The aim of the article is to inform family practitioners about quality assurance through certification and its background together with opportunities for cooperation.

(State: 17.11.2014)

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