S1-Procedure Recommendations – a New Format of Guidelines of the DEGAM

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2013.0441-0443

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Anja Wollny, Martin Scherer, Martin Beyer, Cathleen Muche-Borowski

Keywords: S1 Clinical Practice Guidelines Procedure Recommendation Prioritization Process

Summary: Creating high-quality guidelines on the S3-level of the Scientific Medical Societies’ Association for family practice is a long-term, very complex process. The DEGAM found that, in certain cases, practitioners need decision-making process recommendations on short notice. This was the case during the EHEC epidemic, where our college was able to make an AWMF S1-procedure recommendation available to family practitioners’ practices in just a few days. This attracted interdisciplinary attention. In the summer of 2012, an internal issues’ identification and prioritization process was held within the Steering Committee for Practice Guidelines. While taking the available resources into account, 23 suitable topics for primary care recommendations of action were identified. For 17 of these subjects writing teams were found and consequently 14 S1-procedure recommendations were adopted and presented in September of 2013. The recommendations, which are each mapped on a double-page spread, will be presented in detail in subsequent issues of this Journal together with a scientific justification text.

(State: 14.11.2013)

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