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DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2013.0475-0479

Familienorientierte Beratung für Kinder krebskranker Eltern

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Wolfgang Herzog, Bärbel Schuller-Roma, Katrin Willig

Keywords: Children of Cancer Patients Cancer Psycho-Oncology Family-Focused Counselling

Family-Focused Counselling for Children of Cancer Patients

Summary: To be diagnosed with cancer is a real shock, and is associated with much stress and strain – not only for the patients themselves, but also for their families. On average, children of cancer patients show stress-levels comparable to those of peers. However, 10–20% of them are at risk for developing emotional and behavioural problems. Family functioning proves to be a predictor for identifying those children and their families to provide preventive and resource-oriented counselling. Family practitioners could make a valuable contribution based on their location close to the family as well as their personal relationship to family members.

(State: 14.11.2013)

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