Online Workshop on Error Management for Practice Teams

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Britta Weißbarth, Tatjana Blazejewski, Dania Gruber, Corina Güthlin, Dagmar Lüttel, Marina Pommée, Hardy Müller, Katharina Rubin, Reiner Heuzeroth, Martin Beyer, Romy Schadewitz, Christian Thomaeczek, Ferdinand M. Gerlach, Beate S. Müller

Keywords: CIRS e-learning medical error [MeSH] patient safety [MeSH] risk management [MeSH]

BackgroundMedical practices in Germany do not make widespread use of structured error management and critical incident reporting systems (CIRS). The project CIRSforte has set up a freely accessible online course on error management. The aim was to provide participating practice teams with information on various aspects of error management and to help them introduce and use a CIRS. MethodsAn online course for medical practices was designed and piloted. From October 2018, all 184 practices participating in CIRSforte were invited to complete the course. It included a series of three chapters and the content was taught using educational videos and accompanying texts. At the end of the course users were asked to fill in an evaluation form. ResultsFrom October 2018 to February 2019, 112 participants from 86 practices completed the online course, and 64 participants filled in the evaluation form. The results of the evaluation showed that participants were satisfied with the design and content of the workshop. Compared to a class-based course on the same subjects, participants of the online workshop said significantly more often that they considered the covered topics to be relevant. Participants in the class-based workshop said significantly more often that the workshop motivated them to actively explore the subject of risks and errors.ConclusionsOnline courses are a suitable means for teaching practice teams about error management. The online format gives the participants flexibility.. As the online module is freely accessible, it can also be disseminated beyond CIRSforte. Affective learning outcomes may be easier to achieve in a personal exchange. CIRSforte will therefore also use webinars, as these combine the advantages of online and class-based formats.KeywordsPatient safety [MeSH]; medical error [MeSH]; risk management [MeSH]; CIRS; e-learning

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