Success Criteria for Evaluating the Mentoring Program within the Competence Center for Continuing Education in Family Medicine

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2018.0412-0418

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Marion Eisele, Hendrik van den Bussche, Thomas Kloppe, Marischa Broermann, Anne Messemaker, Jan Hendrik Oltrogge, Maren Ehrhardt, Martin Scherer

Keywords: evaluation; questionnaire mentoring program postgraduate training in family medicine success criteria

Summary: The aims of the nationwide supported Competence Centers for Continuing Education in Family Medicine (CC) are to promote young family physicians and to reduce the imminent shortage of family physi-cians. The standardized concept consists of three pillars: Seminar, train-the-trainer and mentoring programs. Currently, the mentoring programs of the CCs are in different stages of implementation. A nationwide evaluation across all CCs is planned. When considering aspects of process and results evaluation, success criteria for the mentoring programs were formulated at the CC Hamburg and implemented into questionnaires. Besides quality assurance, success criteria of the mentoring program include motivation of family physicians in postgraduate training, their personal/professional development, forming networks within the peer group, targeted planning of postgraduate training and successful completion of the board examination in family medicine. Suitable criteria for success and its translation into questionnaires developed for Hamburg are presented and discussed in this work. We propose to use these considerations when preparing nationwide evaluation for the mentoring programs of the CCs.

(State: 12.10.2018)

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