Questions Related to Breastfeeding – What Every Family Physician Should Know

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2014.0424-0427

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Jost Steinhäuser, Christine Bruni

Keywords: Breastfeeding Family Medicine Lactation Counselling

Summary: Questions related to breastfeeding may be a reason for consulting a family doctor and belong in family medicine’s spectrum of competence. Breastfeeding, a natural health behavior, protects the infant from infection and promotes development. Competent advice on lactation given by physicians promotes breastfeeding rates and duration. Lactation counselling includes a basic understanding of the physiology of lactation, as well as practice related skills pertaining to contraindications, prescription of medications, milk supply and treatment of common breast symptoms. A family doctor can resort to many sources of information for support. Since positive health effects continue throughout the breastfeeding period, unnecessary weaning should be avoided.

(State: 13.05.2015)

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