“Teacher in Role” – a Performative Teaching Method

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2021.0032-0035

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Claudia Schneyinck, Martina Bischoff, Jessica Eismann-Schweimler, Mario Sofroniou, Andy Maun

Keywords: medical competency patient substitution performative teaching method role play teacher in role

Summary“Teacher in role” is a performative teaching method that until now has predominantly been the domain of school teaching. We developed this method further for the training of medical students in Germany. It is well suited to giving students the opportunity to employ their acquired knowledge in a practical setting, thus enabling them to experience the medical role, especially when actual patients or patient-actors are unavailable for on-site teaching. The “teacher in role”, following appropriate preparation time, assumes the role of the patient, the role of the doctor being enacted by the student. This role-play is not limited to the communicative component alone, but can indeed include all parts of the consultation, including appropriate areas of the physical examination and therapeutic management. Costumes, props and changes in body language are important to reinforce the role reversal. This method promotes the development of medical competencies such as communication skills, history taking, examination techniques, formulation of differential diagnoses, dealing with uncertainty in the consultation, and supports a greater depth of learning.Keywordsteacher in role; performative teaching method; medical competency; role play; patient substitution

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