Is it Useful to Examine Testosterone Levels in Healthy Men?

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2021.0007-0009

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Cornelia Krenn, Thomas Semlitsch, Andrea Siebenhofer

QuestionThe most important male sex hormone testosterone continuously begins to decline at about age 40. Within the so-called “anti-aging-medicine”, testosterone replacement therapies are advertised to counteract the natural aging process. However, these hormone replacement therapies are often prescribed without a determination of testosterone levels or a diagnosed clinical indication. The question arises whether a routine determination of testosterone levels is recommended for healthy men over 40 years of age to determine the indication for a hormone replacement therapy. Further, the question should be answered, when the determination of testosterone levels in men is indicated or contraindicated. AnswerA routine screening for testosterone deficiency in asymptomatic men in the general population is not recommended according to current evidence-based guidelines. Testosterone levels should only be examined in adult men with multiple and consistent symptoms of hypogonadism or in men with an increased risk of developing a testosterone deficiency. Testosterone substitution is only recommended in men with diagnosed clinical hypogonadism for symptom improvement.

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