The Electronic (e-)Logbook plus e-Tutorial in the Reformed Medical Curriculum at the University of Düsseldorf

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2019.0026-0031

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Elisabeth Gummersbach, Cornelia Schürer-Maly, Christoph Hager, Stefan Wilm, Jürgen in der Schmitten

Keywords: e-logbook e-tutorial medical teaching teachers in family medicine

Background: The combination of electronic (e-) logbooks and accompanying e-tutorings is an internationally established didactic instrument that has not yet been described in German family medicine. In view of an increasing share of medical teaching taking place in family medicine practices e-logbook and e-tutoring become more and more relevant as innovative instruments that can contribute to achieving high quality standards of medical teaching by family physicians in their practices.Methods: Descriptive depiction and student evaluation of the instruments e-logbook and e-tutoring, based on the e-platform ILIAS, as developed by the Institute of Family Medicine at the University of Düsseldorf.Results: The combination of e-logbook and -tutoring has proved useful, and a majority of the responding students appreciate this in the evaluation. Both instruments, however, do require significant personal ressources if they are supposed to be successful.Conclusions: Provided that the necessary means are available, e-logbook and -tutoring can be recommended to interested institutes of other faculties as a potential for improved scientific reflection accompanying attachments in family medicine. A major remaining challenge is how to deal with teaching family physicians who repeatedly receive bad student evaluations, especially in view of the given shortage of teaching practitioners.

(State: 15.01.2019)

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