Missed Chance – Revision of Directive on Periodic Health Examination: a DEGAM View

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Günther Egidi, Guido Schmiemann

Keywords: early detection periodic health check prevention quaternary prevention

Summary: In Germany the periodic health examination (GU) according to §25 SGB V exists since 1989. The investigations to be carried out as part of this examination are laid down by law in the Health Examination Directive (GU-RL). At the time being, the introduction of this prevention tool was not preceded by a systematic evidence search. With the Prevention Act of 2015, the Federal Joint Committee was given the task of catching up on such research and, if necessary, adapting the health examination. At the same time, the statutory requirements necessitated a reduction of the participation age to 18 years. Like other scientific societies, the DEGAM used the opportunity to submit comments in the course of the consultation process. DEGAM welcomes the fact that there will be no routinely conducted laboratory examinations among under-35s and that anamnestic questions should be preferred to technical examinations. The extension of HDL measuring facilitates the counseling on cardiovascular risk. The revision of the guideline for the first time offered the opportunity, to make up an adaptation of the design of the health examination more closely to the existing evidence. Regrettably, this scope was hardly used. The purpose of this paper is not only to publicize the new guideline of the G-BA for the revision of the GU but also the DEGAM‘s significant criticism to family physicians.

(State: 15.01.2019)

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