Family Medicine Teaching in the Berlin Model Medical Education Programme and Career Choice

DOI: 10.3238.zfa.2019.0032-0036

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Gudrun Bayer, Karen Krüger, Wolfram Herrmann, Sandra Fahrenkrog, Thomas Sturz, Felix Holzinger, Sabine Gehrke-Beck, Christoph Heintze, Susanne Döpfmer

Keywords: family medicine medical curriculum medical teaching new revised student survey

Background: All medical students at Berlin‘s Charité are enrolled in the model curriculum. Students in the 10th semester were surveyed regarding their experience with family medicine teaching, the teachers of the Institute of Family Medicine as well as the influence of the teaching on their picture of the work of family physicians (FPs) and their career wishes.Methods: A 13 items questionnaire was developed, including open questions, rating questions with a five-level likert scale and grouping questions.Results: 192 of 204 students participated (94 %). 88 % confirmed that FP teaching provided insights into primary care. The teachers of the Institute of Family Medicine were perceived as dedicated by 87 %, 71 % rated the courses in family medicine as instructive. 40 % stated to remember courses of which they had a positive impression, 15 % associated a negative experience. 32 % desired information regarding vocational training in family medicine, 44 % concerning the spectrum of career options as a qualified family practitioner, and 50 % about the establishment of a family medicine practice. 58 % of the sample confirmed that the model curriculum influenced their image of the profession of a family physician. 46 % named contact with teaching practices and 23 % high-quality courses as the most important factors for good teaching. At the beginning of medical school, 5 % of the students had stated that they would preferably aspire to become a FP. At the time of the survey, 12 % named family medicine as their first choice. For 53 %, working as a FP was an option for the future.Conclusions: The model curriculum provides an insight view into FP care. The students appreciated courses with direct practical relevance. The Institute of Family Medicine selects teaching practices carefully, offers train the trainer seminars for FPs and re-evaluates the teaching. As a reaction to our results, we established a regular event where FPs can share their experiences.

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