Death on Prescription? Reflections on Physician Assisted Suicide from the Viewpoint of Medical Ethics

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2016.0024-0027

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Florian Bruns, Sandra Blumenthal, Gerrit Hohendorf

Keywords: Physician Assisted Suicide Medical Ethics End-of-Life Care Family Medicine

Summary: Following the recent debate on physician assisted suicide in Germany we take a look at physicians’ end-of-life practices. The few existing data suggest that family practitioners only rarely provide assisted suicide. At first, we outline the current legal situation. Secondly, we argue why we consider an official approval of physician assisted suicide a danger for both medical ethos and social solidarity. Since end-of-life care is a domain of the family practitioner we advocate a stronger involvement of family medicine in the discussion about physician assisted suicide.

(State: 19.01.2016)

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