MAAS-Global-D: Instrument for Rating and Training of Physicians’ Communication and Clinical Competencies

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2016.0013-0018

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Jost Steinhäuser, Friederike Hammersen, Karola Böhmer, Jennifer von der Bey, Sarah Berger

Keywords: Communication Competencies Doctor-Patient Communication Postgraduate Specialty Training Video-Based Feedback MAAS-Global

Background: Despite substantial evidence about the positive effects of good doctor-patient communication, little attention has been paid to the training of communication competencies in postgraduate medical training in Germany. Here, we present the translation of the Dutch instrument MAAS-Global (Maastricht History-taking and Advice Scoring list consisting of global items) to provide specific feedback on doctor-patient consultations, to indicate directions for possible improvement as well as to develop future communication training. With this instrument, communication competencies and clinical skills can be measured.

Method: The translation of the rating scale was performed according to recommendations by the World Health Organization. During a subsequent pre-testing, it was evaluated in German for the first time using a real consultation.

Results: The instrument was translated without major problems. The untrained raters assessed the consultation with large variation.

Conclusions: With the MAAS-Global-D, a German version of the instrument is now available. It can be used to measure communication competencies as well as respective programmes. To obtain reliable results with the MAAS-Global-D, training for raters and continuous practice ratings are required.

(State: 19.01.2016)

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