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DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2016.0033-0035

Ein Bericht vom LOVAH-Austausch und -Kongress 2015

A Report from Lovah Exchange and Congress 2015

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Konrad Schmidt, Solveig Carmienke, Hannah Haumann

Keywords: International Exchange Vocational Training Professionalising

Summary: Profound educational programs for future and young family practitioners are an essential part in further professionalizing primary care. Learning from other European health care systems especially those in which family practitioners (FPs) function as gatekeepers is essential (in this case by attending an international exchange offered by the Vasco da Gama Movement [VdGM]). The Landelijke Organisatie Van Aspirant Huisartse (LOVAH) is the Dutch association for young and future FPs, likesome the Junge Allgemeinmedizin (JADE) in Germany. Every 18 months, LOVAH holds a congress for young and future FPs and offers a pre-conference exchange for young FPs from across Europe. The participating authors experienced a well established health care system in which FPs function as gatekeepers and play an important role in ambulatory care. FPs are supported by a multiprofessional team as an independent part of patient care. The LOVAH congress was of high professional and organizational quality. We were especially impressed by the many presentations of research projects by young FPs. Attending the LOVAH congress and the LOVAH exchange was an inspiring and worthwhile experience and might serve as a vision for the future development of the young FP movement and activity in Germany.

(State: 19.01.2016)

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