Evaluation of a Community-Nurse-Project in a Small Rural Village

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2014.0013-0019

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Erika Baum, Jörg Haasenritter, Detlef Kuhn, Johannes Hänel

Keywords: Community-Nurse Primary Care Rural Region Prevention

Background: Against the background of limited resources of health care in rural regions, a community-nurse-project was initiated in spring 2012 in a village in central Hesse due to a communal initiative. A doctor’s assistant and a nurse, both locals and with special briefing and long-time work experience, provided a community-nurse-service to citizens. In this first explorative evaluation study we asked who participated on what grounds in the project and how participants perceived and rated it. In addition, we aimed to explore relevant outcomes.

Methods: Guided interviews were conducted with 12 persons (10 participants of the project and both community-nurses). On the basis of the results a standardized questionnaire was developed. 45 participants of the project took part in the quantitative evaluation.

Results: Especially women (69 %) and older people (median 72 years) made use of the offer of this special health care service. Most frequent reasons for encounter were to measure blood pressure (93 %) and blood glucose (69 %). About one third of the participants did appreciate to have regular one-to-one conversations with a trusted person. Participants named time saving compared to visiting the family practitioner and having more time for conversation as main advantages of the service. 91 % of the participants were satisfied with the health care service offered by the community-nurses.

Conclusions: This first evaluation study showed that the participants did accept the community nurse health service and rated it positively. In addition, main topics for the further conceptual development and evaluation were pointed out.

(State: 17.01.2014)

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