Telebiometry and Short Training Units Over the Phone in Arterial Hypertension

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2012.0011-0017

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Eva Blozik, Jan von Overbeck, Gerhard Gillmann, Franca Pirovino, Mascha Bethke

Keywords: Disease Management Telemedicine Telebiometry Arterial Hypertension Family Practitioner

Introduction: Disease management programs (DMPs) using telebiomonitoring of blood pressure (measurement of values at home and transfer to a telemedical centre) and short patient training units over the phone complement the care for patients with difficult-to-treat arterial hypertension in family medicine. This study evaluates the effects of such a DMP on blood pressure therapy in family medicine.

Methods: We analysed a case series including 74 patients with arterial hypertension. Means of the transmitted systolic and diastolic blood pressure values over seven months were calculated. Additionally, the proportion of patients with mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure values in the therapeutic target area was analysed.

Results: The mean systolic blood pressure at program start was 151 ± 17,2 mmHg. After one month, the mean of systolic blood pressure values transmitted by telebiometry was 135,5 ± 10,9 mmHg and decreased after seven months to 129,9 ± 7,8 mmHg (p- value for trend 0,001). Mean diastolic blood pressure values decreased from 97,6 ± 7,0 mmHg at program start to 87,2 ± 8,6 mmHg after one month and 83,2 ± 6,9 mmHg after seven months (p 0,001). Concurrently, the proportion of participants with systolic and diastolic blood pressure values in the therapeutic target area increased statistically and clinically significantly.

Conclusions: A DMP based on telebiometry and short patient training units is effective in routine patient care and is able to decrease blood pressure values of patients with arterial hypertension. However, it is crucial that such a program is done in collaboration with the responsible family practitioner.

(State: 15.03.2012)

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